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Weizel presently serves 1,755 correctional and prison facilities in North America 2006 Incarceration Facts

U.S.A: 2.2 Million inmates in approx. 7,000 facilities.

Canada: 38,000 inmates in approx. 450 facilities

Weizel presently serves 2,454 hospitals in North America


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Folger Adam locks and strikes


Today, Folger Adam Security Inc. remains the dominant factor in the detention industry. From single locks and high security key cylinders, to full-functioning electrical and electronic control systems, Folger Adam Security Inc. has the technology to secure any size facility. Architects and professional hardware consultants across the country specify Folger Adam electric locks, electric strikes, and control systems for commercial/industrial and detention facilities.


bluekeyBlue Key - Provides Lifetime Product Information including maintenance guides, specifications, industry references, and applications.

redkeyRed Key - Provides Security Solutions Information regarding renovations, upgrading, and installation questions designed to save you time and money.


Lock Handing Charts

120E Retro Series Locks Handing Chart - NEW!

10 & 80 Series Locks  Handing Charts

30 & 30D Handing Chart

60 & 70 Series Locks  Handing Charts

110 & 125 Series Locks Handing Charts

121, 122, 126 Series Locks Handing Charts

51E/M Locks Handing Charts

NS400 Series Locks Handing Charts

50HM & 800ER Locks Handing Charts

800ES Locks Handing Charts

D9300 Maxi-Mortise Charts


Mechanical Locks
Product Information

10, 15  & 17(paracentric cylinders)  - for access doors, food passes, plumbing chases

17(mogul cylinders)  - for access doors, food passes, plumbing chases

30 & 30D(paracentric cylinders)  - deadlock for sliding doors

60 & 60K(paracentric cylinders)  - spring and deadlock for swinging doors

70(paracentric cylinders)  - Automatic spring and deadlock for swinging doors

80(paracentric cylinders)  - deadlock for swinging doors

Fence Gate Locks & Mounts - 80 series locks

Door Pulls & Knobs for Mechanical Locks  -  Door Pulls and Knobs<

Door Strikes 10,30, 60, 70, 80    -  For all Mechanical Locks

125-1 & 125-4 Institutional Mortise Locks  - for Swinging doors

110 Series Mortise Lockset - for Swinging doors

D9300 Mortise Lock -Swing Doors

A9300 Mortise Lock - For Swing Doors

Lock Mountings

Lock Mountings for Mechanical Paracentric Locks